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Struggling to stand out in a crowded expo hall? Traditional lead collection methods like clipboards, fishbowls, even older automation are outdated and ineffective. In this setting, you don’t have time to talk to everyone who wants to talk to you, but they see your materials, grab your brochures and they’re gone. They may end up at your competitors booth. Why not capture them instantly with an automated AI powered QR code that gives them your information, any tradeshow specials that you have, $200 hotel savings, a chance to win a complimentary domestic or international hotel or resort stay (cruise lines available during particular seasons)? We do all the work for you, giving you more time to talk to attendees, showcasing your products or services – we capture the rest and give you the best! It’s all Done-For-You!

Our innovative membership program provides a powerful solution to transform your event lead generation. No more chasing leads – let us help you attract them effortlessly through our travel and gift selections that they really want and will love! They’ll become your LOYAL customers!

AI Powered QR Code Creation

We provide eye-catching, AI-Powered personalized QR codes for your booth. These aren’t your usual limited info QR codes! Your code can be easily incorporated into your booth signage, brochures, and marketing materials. Attendees simply scan the code with their smartphones. They will be automatically directed to your information, your specials or any information that you would want them to have, along with the hotel savings and resort stay getaway sweepstakes module. This eliminates the need for physical forms and streamlines the sweepstakes entry process.

Done-for-You Setup

We handle the setup and complimentary vacation prize fulfillment, winner selection and notification. You can simply focus on what you do best – showcasing your expertise and building relationships with potential customers.  It’s all done under your brand, so that you get the traffic and engagement to your website and social media!

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Powerful Lead Insights using Questionnaires

The sweepstakes entry form captures contact information and also includes a brief questionnaire. This allows attendees to share a few details about their needs and interests. These insights are invaluable for understanding your target audience and tailoring your future marketing efforts. You get access to the complete list of leads along with any information they’ve chosen to share. The information collected allows you to have personalized conversations with those attendees concerning their product and service needs.  The ability to have a personalized conversation also gives customers the feeling of being taken care of, thus they will refer you to more people! This is a goldmine for future marketing campaigns and promotions, helping you nurture leads and drive conversions.

Hotel and Resort Stay Sweepstakes

What better way to grab attention and spark excitement than by offering a truly desirable grand prize? Through trusted travel partners, we offer a luxurious, complimentary hotel or resort stay as the grand prize. Using this as a sweepstakes prize is a great way to turn heads and attract qualified leads.

Travel Season is here…and This is the PERFECT prize to offer for gathering leads and increasing sales. Who doesn’t want to go on a trip?

What’s Included:

  • Self-picked getaway destinations: Prize winners get to choose the perfect domestic or international location for a hotel stay. There are 30 domestic locations and over 100 international destinations. The number of locations is subject to change (there are always new destinations added!).

*As a full member, you can participate as well.

Hotel Savings

You also gain the unique advantage of giving Hotel Savings cards to your clients after they fill out the questionnaire. These virtual cards give access to deep discounts on stays at their favorite major hotel chains. 

You’ll get to see how efficient our done-for-you services are. The process is simple! We take care of sending the digital cards to the recipients who fill out the questionnaire and answer any of their questions. There’s a special support team for any hotel or resort stay service need.

*When you become a member, you also get to use the hotel savings for yourself as well!

The Hotel Savings Cards are your business’s key to creating lasting impressions and fostering meaningful connections with potential customers. We can show you how to build multiple campaigns on various seasonal dates with these cards and other products all throughout the year to keep your customers purchasing from you.

The Hotel Savings Cards come in different denominational savings amounts! These can be used at a number of different hotel chains including Marriott, Windham, Hilton, Four Seasons, W, Ritz-Carlton, etc. (The percentage amount of savings is determined by the hotel)

BONUS: Restaurant Savings

As a full member, you can also treat your customers to delicious savings at top restaurants with a Virtual Restaurant Savings Card. 

This Includes:

  • Exclusive discounts: A percentage off at popular dining establishments across various cuisines and locations.

  • Increased value perception: Go beyond standard gifts, offering experiences that cater to diverse palates and budgets.

  • Loyalty & engagement: Encourage repeat visits and strengthen relationships. This is a great way to also increase referrals from satisfied and loyal clients.

*As a Full Member, you can use this for yourself as well! You will have access to Restaurant Savings Cards up to $300 in value.

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